Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

March 17th is here again, and allow me to wish you every blessing as you don the green, pinch passers by, drink oddly green colored beer and raise a toast to dear oul Saint Pat. I wonder what he would make of it all, eh?

This year has been especially busy for me with teaching opportunities at Whole Foods, catering, selling, writing, and of Speaking of which, pictued above is the signature dish I have created for Murphys in Virginia Highlands, 'Braised short ribs in Guinness with shallots & peanuts, on a bed of Irish spring potatoes'. I will be there on St. Patricks day to create the dish along with chef Tom Harvey and it should be fun...

Looking forward to teaching my Whole Foods class also, next week on Tuesday evening (spaces are still available...) We will feature the very same dish and I hope you like it....the beef just melts in your mouth!

So here's to dear oul Patrick. The only Englishman famed for Ireland. A slave who returned to love his captors and in so doing won over an entire nation.

Pretty impressive, (even if he didn't drink green beer!)

My husband took this photo whilst in Ireland last year, and it's of St. Pat at the entrance to St. Patricks cathedral in Armagh.(how many times can I say 'St. Patrick in one sentence?) The place where the dear old saint first established the church and converted the king of Tara.
And again, not a drop of green harp in sight!

So, here's to you! Thanks for faithfully reading my blog and for enjoying food just as much as I do. Don the green!

Judith xo