Friday, April 3, 2009

Barack Obama gets an Irish Linen Tea Towel at No.10

Would you believe it? The very products I sell in my Ulster Kitchen store became quite famous this week at the G20 summit. How so? You say….well, read on…(here’s the story as reported by the good ‘ol BBC)

“The leaders of the world's 20 richest countries have received a goody bag including a linen tea towel made in NI at a Downing Street reception. “(The tea towels are made by Banbridge-based Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen, and sold by ‘yours truly..)

Yes, Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy and their international counterparts were also given a designer tie, chocolates and a candle.
The goody bags were meant to showcase the best of British creativity.

"They (Downing Street) placed an order and we delivered basically, but we didn't know it was going to go in the goody bag," said Judith Neilly, marketing manager at Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen.
"It's one of the finer tea towels that we do, but it's the same tea towel as you'll find in your drawer at home.
"I'd love to think of Barack and Michelle stood there in pajamas doing the washing-up after breakfast using our tea towel, however, I can't really see it somehow."
Ms Neilly said enquires from potential customers had increased three-fold since news of the company's inclusion in the G20 goody bag broke.
"It's been amazing and mainly online it has to be said, but we've been even more surprised by the furor that it's created - we've been inundated by the world's media."
The company bears the name of its founder Thomas Ferguson who established the business in 1854.
The goody bags were handed out after the leaders enjoyed a meal devised by top chef and TV favourite Jamie Oliver.

Aha!...the humble towel, hand made in Northern Ireland by Ferguson’s Irish Linen company received International acclaim. The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, presented ‘goodie bags’ showcasing the best of British creativity and design to all the world leaders attending the G-20 summit. Top of the line tea cloths are the 100% Irish Linen which are more absorbent than the Linen and Cotton Blend cloths also sold on-line. The very best kitchen stores in the US only sell cotton tea towels so I am proud to sell a unique premium drying cloth. Linen is top notch when drying glass and fine china because the long flax fibers do not leave any lint or smears. Once you own a cloth you will know what I mean. It’s hard to believe a product that has not changed much since woven in 1854 by Ferguson’s Irish Linen is highly fashionable and a memorable gift item. Most folks just do not know what they are missing!

So, if it’s good enough for the President, then it’s..good enough!
Click on the link to my website above, go the on-line store, and you too could give a gift with a story when you order an Ulster Linen Cloth.
Ok, so you’re not drying glass in the White House, but this is the next best thing folks!

It’s a no nonsense quality item to indulge your own kitchen accessories or give away. We also stock quality Irish Butlers Chocolates and Irish Candles to complete your own ‘goodie bag’ just in time for Easter.
(you’ll have to buy the ‘designer tie’ yourself!)

So, until next time…enjoy the Irish Linen Michelle!

Judith x