Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pails of Irish Blessing!

Just in time for the Christmas season the Ulster Kitchen would like to announce our holiday gift item, namely our:
’Pails of Irish Blessing’.
Beautiful, bountiful and brimming with Irish joy….how can you possibly resist?

The unique pails are filled with authentic Irish tea from Belfast (not the yucky stuff in a green box!), Butter Shortbread, Baileys Irish Fudge, Irish linen towels, Irish handmade candles and (of course) a few wee bottles of ‘the water of life’ , all garnished with a Kelly green bow. All the products are the ‘real McCoy’, made in Ireland and the cookies and fudge baked fresh the day of delivery. Now what more would you need to make a friends day special? Customers have a choice of Decaf or Irish breakfast tea and we will be offering Johnston’s Irish coffee soon all for the same deal. (Johnston’s coffee is blended and roasted in County Antrim in Ireland, and is wonderful indeed!)

Small Pails $25
Large Pails $49

(cash or check payable to the ‘The Ulster Kitchen’ )

An Irish heritage is celebrated through Irish Blessings, legends and poetry. So even if you are not Irish, the tradition to wish someone well and speak life giving messages of hope and blessings can be enjoyed by all.

As a culture the Irish have a principle of always giving a wee bit back to the community and in business relationships. My father is a sheep farmer and when he closes a deal and pays for sheep in cash the customer always gives him a ‘wee bit back’ in what we call a ‘luck penny’. So, as Christmas approaches it gives us all a chance to give back to the people with whom we have traded or shared community.

So go ahead and bless someone this season and remember, in life it is often the little things that count, and always count your blessings…..

E-mail me if you would like to give an Irish blessing this Christmas….
e: theulsterkitchen@bellsouth.net

May the Road Rise Up to meet you….