Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Cola-Baked Country Ham with an Irish Whiskey Rub

Less than a week to go until Christmas and I'm sure many of you are planning your special menu for the day, or planning on what you may bring to your mother-in-laws this Christmas, huh? Well, fear not as I have a goodie recipe for you to treasure. A true Irish & Southern festive fusion that is incredibly wonderful and sure to earn you lots of points with even the most awkward of relatives. Straight from the north pole I present to you my special Christmas recipe:

Christmas Cola-Baked Country Ham with an Irish Whiskey Rub

I know you're not going to believe this and think I've had a touch too much eggnog but here's the thing...Atlanta’s favorite drink combined with some brown sugar and Irish whiskey produces the tastiest results you could imagine and may be the best baked ham I have ever eaten! The flavors are a favorable marriage, making a Southern style country baked ham with an Irish twist that will keep your guests coming back for more and begin endless stories of how you, not the Grinch, saved Christmas. The story alone is good entertainment for your guests!

A friend of mine gave me the tip about using cola as a means of basting the ham to bring out the flavor, and despite some misgivings I originally had, it works! The brown sugar and Irish whiskey rub came a bit more naturally to me, but again, it’s the marriage of the two methods that works wonders here, so give it a try!

To get a handy dandy recipe PDF of the Christmas Ham, please click on the link below and go to my new fangled Irish food blog and there you will find the gift that keeps on giving...and when you're there, please sign up on my new blog as I intend to add loads more features to it!

Here's the link:

So, in the meantime, may I wish you and yours a very happy, merry, joyful and meaningful Christmas.

Festive greetings!
Judie the Irish Foodie

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