Monday, October 10, 2011

A wee bit of tartan with me and Noel McMeel!

Yes, it's that time again when the good people of Georgia cast all sense of propriety to the wind (literally!) and don their kilts in preparation for the Stone Mountain Highland Games. Pipes, fifes, drums, haggis, clans, swords, cabers, thick white socks, bony knees, Southern men in kilts, along with the very talented Chef Noel McMeel. Yes, that's what's going on this coming weekend at the fabled Scottish fling right here in the heart of Georgia. Who would believe it?

It's getting to be quite a tradition now, but every year thousands (and I really mean thousands!) of normally 'happy to be Southern folk' are transformed into 'Braveheart' extras look-a-likes for the pageantry of these wonderful few days in Stone Mountain park in Atlanta. I personally couldn't believe it the first time I went, and now, like a Celtic moth to the blue flame of all things Scottish I'm drawn to this event year after year! Trust me, you should check this out:

But seriously, this year I'm particularly thrilled to be there as a guest chef of Tourism Ireland and I get to hang with and cook with the incredibly talented Irish celeb chef Noel McMeel. Noel and I will be cooking up some wonderful Irish and Scots-Irish treats for visitors to the Tourism Ireland stand in the games and whilst the food vendors offer up soggy fries and horrific plastic burnt burgers we will be giving away hundreds of gourmet Irish treats, all courtesy of our friends at Tourism Ireland.

The goal is to try and paint a true picture of the Scots-Irish beyond all the haggis and kilt things, and with a bit of luck people will see why Northern Ireland is truly a world class destination! (but then again, I'm biased, ain't I?)

If you haven't heard of Noel McMeel...please, please check this chef out. He is the talent behind the Lough Erne resort, home to Rory McIlroy and one of the most incredible golf resorts in Ireland. Noel is just incredibly famous throughout Ireland and the UK for his inventive food presented as an artform, so please have a wee lookie.

Here's a few links to whet the appetite:

So, don that kilt, work on your best 'Shrek' impression and come and check us out this weekend!

Judie the Irish Foodie


  1. We have our Scottish Games in Savannah and I always wish I have some Scot/Irish blood in me and being a native Korean, I can't fudge it either. :( How fun to be the guest chef!

  2. I mostly go to the SMHG to stock up on Irn Bru (don't laugh!) but if I do make it out there this weekend I'll be stalking your snacks for sure! Here's hoping for weather that is more Southern than Scottish.


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