Monday, December 13, 2010

Ulster Kitchen Festive Open House

This past weekend we opened our home in the spirit of Christmas and welcomed all kinds of friends, neighbors, and customers for food, fun & general festive jolly making! This has become an annual tradition for us, and we just love it. OK, I admit it, for some folks, having 70 people through your home on a given day may not be your idea of fun, but for is!

My friends Deborah, Linda & Jane came over to help and we kept a steady stream of wonderful Irish food, tea, and goodies going without fail throughout the day. We served soups, smoked oatcakes with crab, Irish cheeses, a wonderful new chicken dish I've been working on (future blog entry!) all kinds of Irish shortbread, and of course my new 'hot ticket item', my Irish vanilla butter fudge, with white chocolate & cranberries. yum.

We also enjoyed the wondrous and soothing talents of Angie Beamis through the day as she played some very beautiful Celtic Christmas music on the Irish harp. There is just something about the beauty of this instrument that has to be experienced. Somehow, it's good for the soul!

So, fun was had by all...and if you missed out, the good news is we're going to do it again this coming Saturday!

so, mark your calendars, and plan to drop by (if you're in the ATL area) for more Irish festive goodness, and pa rouse our latest Ulster Kitchen offerings while you're here. Our new products make the perfect gifts!

Merry Christmas everyone, and happy shopping!

Judith, the Irish Foodie.


  1. What a fun time it was! So glad we could come!

  2. Judith, I'm sure it was lovely like last year. I finally got around to posting your AMAZING pumpkin soup recipe on my blog. Come check it out...


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