Thursday, August 19, 2010

O Savannah!

So, we just returned from a weekend in beautiful and historic Savannah Georgia, and I was certainly inspired by the city, I must say. We were in Savannah as vendors at an Irish dancing event and my curiosity was very much piqued by the experience...

Savannah is indeed an architectural and cultural gem, with beautiful period squares, oak lined streets, old brick facades, wrought iron porches...and, a quirky Irish tinge to the place that I found intriguing. At first glance you would not normally associate such a genteel place as Savannah with all things Irish. After all, the city has an 'air' about it of 'old South'. Horse drawn trams, live oaks, shrimp & grits, but around every corner you find either an Irish pub, or place name, or flag, or something of the 'ol sod that wouldn't be out of place in south Boston or Chicago. So, what gives?

The amazing thing is that Savannah's St. Patrick's day parade in March in the 2nd largest in the US, right after NYC. Thought it was Boston? No, think again y'all, it's Savannah! It appears to me that what Mardi Gras is to New Orleans, St. Pats is to Savannah, and they have literally built a culture around it..(long may it continue I say!)

The city welcomes over 400,000 (yes, that's four hundred thousand!) visitors to take part in the week long St. Pats festivities,and it has obviously transformed the culture of this Southern gem. Can you think of any other city in the US that attracts almost three times it's population to watch a parade outside of Mardi Gras? Wow...indeed.

So, Irish in Savannah it is, and we felt so welcomed and enjoyed our time there so much that we will be back. A lot!..and certainly every March 17th if we can spare it!

That said though, this is a food blog after all, so let me indulge you with one of Savannah's culinary treats.

On one of the nights we were there we walked along the River Walk and dined in a wonderful spot called 'Vic's on the River'. Very Southern, very authentic, and everything we had was fresh and delicious. I would recommend it, and for my blog entry next week I'll be posting a creative 'fried green tomatoes' recipe that I've been perfecting that was inspired by my Savannah, tune back in next week!

And there it is...if you have time and the inclination please make sure you visit Savannah, and if you don't mind mucking in with 400,00 of your closest Irish friends, let's visit on March 17th!!

'till next time!

Judith the Irish Foodie x


  1. Always find your thoughts so interesting. I like the way they seem to flow so naturally; and with so much energy. Can't wait to see the tomato recipe!

  2. Savannah is almost magical, isn't it? For such a small town, it holds days of wonderful surprises.


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