Sunday, September 6, 2009

Write up in 'Adventurous Tastes'!

This weekend I discovered that I had received very favorable press in a superb online food blog called 'Adventurous Tastes'. The web entry was on the 'Summer of Jar Love Garden Party' I participated in a few weeks back...(see the post below on the 'Irish Ploughboy') and despite being compared with more experinced chefs, yours truely came out on top...(OK, so I can bragg every now and again, can't I?)

I'm so pleased about this as we put a lot of work and creativity into the event, and it felt good to be appreciated by a food critic and online.

...such a confidence booster....

Enjoy what's left of summer!


  1. The Irish Plough Boy in a mason jar was THE BEST dish at the party! It combined the best of both worlds -- sweet and savory!

  2. So proud of you!! All who know and love you are not a bit surprised!!


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