Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Irish oatcakes..long, long ago!

OK, so how did your oatcakes turn out? The fun thing about these appetizers is that you can create a wide variety of toppings to suit any occasion. Next time I might post some oatcakes with smoked salmon ideas, just for fun…

Now, I did mention that I would add an entry about how old oatcakes really are…well, here it is. The photo above is one we took during a trip home a few years back of an Irish High cross. This wonderful monument was carved in the eighth century for an early Columban monastery in the heartland of Ireland, and can now be found near the village of Moone in County Kildare.

The simple carvings that cover the face of the cross on all sides depict various scenes from the old and new testaments, giving the cross the title of a ’Scripture Cross’. One of those scenes however really caught my eye as I gazed at those ancient carvings, namely the scene in the photo above.

Can you make out what it is?
Or can you tell which famous story it illustrates?
Do you see some fish? Round objects and two snake like creatures?

Well, in actual fact, the carvings illustrate two river trout, two eels and five oatcakes and they re-tell the famous story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. Remember He took two fishes and five loaves?

To the Irish people of the eighth century fish and loaves meant brown trout and oatcakes. This remarkable carving gives us an insight into the diet of these Irish people, baking and eating oatcakes over a thousand years ago!

I told you it was a pretty old recipe!!

Have fun…next time I’ll post something that celebrates the coming of Autumn.
Something with apples perhaps? We’ll see.

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  1. Yes, Yes Yes please print out receipe for Oatcakes. My Grandmother used to make them and I have not had them for years. Although I still crave them.
    Thank You,
    Sharon Kubricky


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