Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scottish Dessert Evening

This week I’m blogging about a ‘Scottish Dessert Evening’ I recently catered, and had a blast doing so. ‘Scottish desserts?!’ I hear you cry?? Ooh Yes.

A group from Atlanta who are planning a trip to Scotland this July asked me to give them a taste of some traditional desserts to prepare their culinary sweet tooth for their trip, so I turned in several highland delights for them to enjoy and I believe everyone had fun…..Scotland’s not all whiskey and haggis y’know!

We served Punjana Ulster tea and the hostess provided elegant Scottish china including a blue calico Wedgewood tea set that was a replica made for John Wesley by Josiah Wedgwood back in 1760 with the Rose for England, the Shamrock for Ireland and the Thistle for Scotland. As you can imagine I was in my element. The Scottish Cranachan (also known as Cream Crowdie) was served with my Ulster Butter Shortbread and Flake cookies that can be dipped in to the Cranachan. Blackberries or Strawberries can be substituted, but raspberries are the traditional choice. Serve in a tall glass on dessert plate with cookies on the side. Summer raspberries are in season so go ahead make it at home and enjoy!

In the coming weeks I’ll post recipes for some of these desserts, beginning with Scottish Cranachan next week, so check back for details!

Scroll down for a few pics of the food and the event.


  1. hey Judith!
    The desserts look delicious! Can't wait to try some with you very soon! Love your Irish big sis!

  2. Judith,
    You have such an amazing gift!! Your food isn't just beautiful and delicious, but there is love--yours and God's--in every bite!


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