Monday, May 12, 2008

So, what's so great about Irish food anyway?

Isn’t it all cabbage and corned beef I hear you ask!?

Sadly, my experience over the years whilst living America is a widely borne misconception of Irish cuisine. Sure, most people admire the Irish beauty and adore the Irish culture and love the smell of Irish Spring (!)…but just don’t know much about Irish food. The truth though, is that Irish food is greatly admired in Europe, but greatly misunderstood in the United States. You’re all too focused on ‘Lucky Charms’ and green tinted beer…but fear not! I am here, ‘The Irish foodie’, and my mission is to set things right! Yes indeed!

So, here’s the scoop…the green island of Ireland boasts some of the most ‘organic’ farms in the world. No mass production here! Just lush, green rolling hills bringing with them prized produce that is deeply in demand throughout Germany, France, and throughout Europe. Beef cattle are raised on farms grazing grass, not artificial feed, and without any hormones. Big fat sheep wonder the hills chewing the herb, not restricted to small smelly enclosures. Our rivers are clean, and the Atlantic west coast of Ireland has some of the most unpolluted waters of the world harboring the most wonderful seafood.

My point? Well, as a cook I know that good produce means good food, and in the case of modern Ireland…the food is very good indeed! Belfast and Dublin are bursting with top class restaurants serving the most incredible Irish organic produce that keeps the tourist trade buzzing.

The Irish culinary arts are inspired by the land, the sea, the rivers, game shooting sports and vibrant and rich cultural traditions. There is something wholesome about knowing the story of ‘from the farm to the table’, and in this age of scary cancers it just makes sense to be as organic as possible.

So, this is my quest. To introduce you to the wonderfully ‘green’ cuisine of Ireland, and to remain true to the naturally organic nature of Irish food.

It’s not just the beer that’s green!