Thursday, April 24, 2008

Welcome to my blog! 'The Irish Foodie!'....(at long last...)

It seems as if my friends have been begging me to get with the 'blogging' program for an absolute eternity now, and so, here I very long last. 'An Irish girl in a blogging world'. (sounds like a song!)

As you will soon discover, my musings these days are focused on all things foodie and all things Irish (there's a shock!). I love to cook, I'm proud of my heritage and I enjoy living in the South, so, in this blog you will find creative ways in which I intertwine and blend those ingredients together into one big old gourmet stew...Irish-Southern fusion. Sounds weird, I know, but it works. Just keep coming back to check out my recipes and posts and you'll soon see!

Why, I'm even writing a book on the subject, entitled 'The Ulster Kitchen' and from time to time I will dip into that resource to bring tasty treats to all of you who are kind enough to grace my small corner of cyberspace land.

My cookbook started a few years back since I discovered that this 'fusion' thing works, and I have been marinating in my culinary roots whilst tasting the new found flavors of Southern cuisine ever since! My passion for food has even inspired me to teach Irish cooking classes and cater intimate events also where I can get to be with people, cook great food and have a lot of fun all at the same time. People and food, my enduring passions!

So, thanks for taking time to journey with me along this meandering road of foodie discovery!
Let's cook!


  1. Judith: Welcome to cyberspace! I'm so excited to see your blog and so looking forward to more Irish foodie posts from you!

  2. hi Judith, looks good this side of the Atlantic. Good luck in your adventures.

    gordie, Herts, England UK

  3. Judith - all the very best with your venture - both Duncan and I can certainly vouch for the quality of your food!!
    I will be forwarding your 1st Punjana customer later today - all the best.

  4. Judith you are an amazing cook! Your Stout and Onion soup was awesome. It was perfect for a friendly get together and a cold winters night. You food and hospitality are always a perfect evening!

  5. Jane sent me your blog and I thought it marvelous. Jim and I had dinner at your home some time ago and every mouthful was wonderful! I'll be trying some of the recipes for certain.

    Evalyn Kragh (Rob Kragh's mom)


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